Cisco WLC 2504 How to configure LAG/EtherChannel to Cisco Switch

Today I’m going to show you how to configure a LAG/EtherChannel on a Cisco 2504 WLC to a Cisco switch (or switch Stack).

Why would one want to do this?

In the case of the 2504, the only benefits are redundancy. The 2504 WLC will not be able to push out more than 1 Gbps so we aren’t worried about bandwidth.

Although link failure is not common on a switch, switch failure is. The most benefit is realized when you configure a WLC LAG to a Switch stack.


Config required on WLC:

  1. Login to the WLC.
  2. Click Controller.
  3.  Click General.
  4. Set “LAG Mode on next reboot” to “enabled”.
  5. Save Configuration and Reboot.

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Config required on Cisco Switch:

The WLC does not support LACP nor PAGP, thus we will need to configure the channel-group mode as on (not negotiated, always on).

Verify the configuration with a “show etherchannel sum”

Once the WLC is back up you will notice the WLAN is disabled, go ahead and re-enable it.

  1. log back into the WLC.
  2. Go into WLANs.
  3. Click your WLAN’s ID.

Set the WLAN to “enabled”.




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