We’ve found the 3 best Nintendo Switch keyboards. Are you looking to combine the practical aspect of a physical keyboard with the gaming experience of using a Nintendo Switch? Trying to find a way to make game chatting and typing passwords quicker and less painful? Luckily for all, there is a gadget category that makes this possible. Whether it be typing up text or using the keys to play, there’s a plethora of options for Nintendo switch-compatible keyboards. Here’s a review of our top selections.

The List

If you’d prefer not to read the whole article, and instead just want to know which keyboards are best, here’s a quick break down.

Wireless Keyboards For The Nintendo Switch

  1. FYOUNG Keyboard

Wired Keyboards For The Nintendo Switch

  1. Armor3 “NuType” Keyboard

Wired Keyboard and Mouse For The Nintendo Switch

  1. C91Pro Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Rainbow Backlight

Now let’s get to the details on how we came to these decisions. We’ll show you exactly what we loved and hated about each product we reviewed.

A Warning About Keyboards And The Nintendo Switch

Before jumping into the review, we’re going to be straight up with you. The Nintendo Switch was NOT made to have a keyboard and mouse hooked up. Games like Fortnite, will NOT work with a mouse and keyboard. In fact, a LOT of games will not fully work with these, it’s not the product’s fault, it’s a game developer issue. Game developers did not include compatibility for items like these because that’s not how the games were designed to be played. They MAY work in some games, but we can’t guarantee it. In fact, we did find some games they did work in, but the experience was never exactly the same.

The Wire-Free FYOUNG Keyboard

fyoung nintendo switch keyboard

We love the FYOUNG Nintendo Switch Keyboard. It’s extremely portable due to its size and wireless transmission, the FYOUNG Keyboard is an all-time favorite and comes at great value, considering its price. 

FYOUNG keyboard wireless switch

This Switch keyboard comes with a USB-A receiver, which is for you to connect the keyboard to the Switch, whether it’s docked or you have the kick stand up. With a wireless transmission distance of 8 to 10 meters (26-32 ft), this keyboard stands out amongst many for its high sensitivity that replaces wires.

Size and Build 

Along with its exceptional technical parameters, this product has a great feel and compact build. 

The size is perfect for what it serves, making every key accessible and easy to press. It is not backlit, however, and some of the secondary characters can be hard to see, as they are printed in dark red on the top right of each key. There is a Caps Lock option, lighting up the first bar on the bottom left of the keyboard. Another feature that adds to the comfort aspect of this device, is how amazingly light-weight it is. While the gadget can be used without them, attaching the joycons makes it so much easier and comfortable to use––even as a way to charge them. If you’re looking for charging accessories, check out the best nintendo switch chargers.


FYOUNG switch keyboard charging

You can charge the FYOUNG keyboard with the charger that comes with your Nintendo Switch, and it also charges the controllers at the same time.

The battery capacity is 200 mAh. While the charging process takes about 1.5 hours to happen, there are light indicators that will signify whenever it’s fully charged. Charging indicators on the bottom left and both sides of the top of the board will turn red or green depending on the charging status.

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Armor3 “NuType” Wired Keyboard

armor3 nintendo switch keyboard

Though it doesn’t rely on wireless connection, this keyboard is worth all the money you will pay for its efficiency and easy set-up. Also designed to be used with the joy cons, this invention has satisfyingly clicky keys with short travel.

Compatible with Switch, PS4, PC, and Macs, this keyboard’s compact design and versatile range makes it a bestseller and, more usually than not, a top choice when it comes to Nintendo switch keyboards. 

This Keyboard Is Wired

The plugging cable, ending on a regular USB plug to be attached to the dock, extends to up to 10 feet. If you have the keyboard connected to the joycon controllers, it will charge those while you’re typing away.

Size and Build

armor3 nutype box for nintendo switch

The Armor3 Nu Type offers one of the best keyboard experiences in the market, despite its size of  6 x 1 x 9.25 inches. Extremely compact, this keyboard’s efficiency also relies on the smart design that allows for smooth transitions between using the controllers and typing. The space bar is located where it would on a regular PC keyboard, along with some other characteristic keys like arrows on the bottom right. 

Though compatible for computers, its size makes it ideal for Nintendo Switch use, especially games that require chatting and/or password typing.

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C91Pro Gaming Keyboard and Mouse with Rainbow Backlight

c91 switch keyboard and mouse for nintendo switch

Versatile and adaptable, the C91Pro Gaming Keyboard and Mouse offers exceptional features. The philosophy is: professional keyboard, easy-to-use-mouse, rainbow backlit system. It even goes above and beyond by providing wireless capability for both the keyboard and mouse.

How It Works

You’ll notice this product is different from the rest. The set comes with a converter that connects to the Nintendo dock and provides the wireless option for the keyboard and mouse. 

The connection method is simple: the LED light on the adapter will turn white when connected to the Nintendo Switch, red when connected to the mouse, and green when connected to the keyboard. Whether it be through the 2.4G wireless connection or the several foot long USB cables, the adapter is activated through the space bar key. 

Size And Build

A sleek and elegant, wireless adaptable, rainbow backlit keyboard, equipped with a mini-platform to be used as a wrist rest, this product is nothing short of ideal. Instructions make it very user-friendly, especially given its adaptability with other gaming devices. Especially when it comes to Nintendo Switches, its setup consists of plugging and playing. The wireless connectivity is reliable at 2.4G, but the cable option is always helpful to have. For all it does, this is also a relatively lightweight product at about 0.12 kg or 4.2 oz.

You can get this keyboard and mouse set from Amazon below:


All three keyboads we reviewed today work via various methods (wireless or not). It’s important to reiterate, the Nintendo Switch wasn’t made to be used with a keyboard and mouse, so you’re experience won’t be as enjoyable as a PC. Nonetheless, the three we showed you today are the best ones we found.

Nintendo Switch Keyboard Frequently Asked Questions

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