Cisco Nexus Storm-Control SNMP Trap and EMM Email Script

I’d like to preface this by saying on the nexus platform storm-control by default does not actually errdisable the port (I believe in catalyst it did). We can just have it syslog and generate an SNMP trap.

conf t
event manager environment _email_to
event manager environment _email_server x.x.x.x
event manager environment _email_from

event manager applet STORM-EMAIL
event storm-control
action 1.0 mail server "$_email_server" to "$_email_to" from "$_email_from" subject "$_event_pub_time: Storm control on device tripped"

sample config for nexus:

conf t
int e1/1
storm-control broadcast level 20
storm-control multicast level 20
storm-control unicast level 20
storm-control action trap

1 – cisco documentation

2 – syslog message source

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