Finally finished my homelab!



The monitors and stand I got from a friend for $400, I connect my surface pro 3 via usb displaylink adapters and it works great!

(4x 27″ dell (older model) screens)

Top – Synology 1515+ (4x 1Gbps nic + 1 Wifi USB Adapter for MGMT) With three 1TB drives in Raid-5 Also two 250GB SSD in Read-Write Cache (the cache works at block level so it will work on iSCSI luns)

1 down – HP 24P Gbps switch with VLANs and Jumbo Frames

1 Left – Shuttle Custom i7 Ivy bridge, 32GB RAM, 2 128GB SSD (2x Gbps NIC, 1 Onboard Gbps MGMT NIC) 1 Right – Shuttle Custom i7 Sandy Bridge, 16GB RAM, 2 128GB SSD(2x Gbps NIC, 1 Onboard Gbps MGMT NIC)

Right of that – APC 1500VA only under 200 WATT load (will last over 30Min)

The hosts run ESXI 5.5 on EVC mode for sandy bridge so I can do HA between the hosts. All the VMs run within the synology and I just finished the MPIO config so each host can pull a little over 220MB/sec read and write thanks to the Synology quad nic nas. The failover works great, and the VLAN design works so that I can have multiple seperated AD sites and environments all within that.

I’m able to run well over 20 Server 2012 R2 VMs comfortably. I can also run well over that if I decide to use the SSDs inside the hosts.

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