Looking for a Nintendo Switch charger? We’ve got one for every situation. Whether you are playing in the car, in a hotel, at home, or on the go these accessories will keep your Switch battery fully charged up! All of these gadgets were tested by us, and we believe they are great chargers for the Nintendo Switch!

On The Go? Get These Nintendo Switch Battery Cases

The below Nintendo Switch chargers are actually Nintendo Switch battery packs built into the cases so that you can play, move, and charge all at the same time!

The Yobwin Switch Battery is full of features

battery case 1
yobwin nintendo switch charging case

This amazing battery charging case from YOBWIN is the best one we tried. The battery on this thing is HUGE, it’s got 10000mah and is rated to add up to 8 hours of gaming to your Switch. By the way, mah is milliamp hour. Both the old and new model switch have a 4300 mah battery so you are effectively more than doubling the battery capacity.

This case can even charge the switch fully almost twice! This charging case is perfect for people on the go in the train, park, or just outside in general that don’t want to carry a million accessories around.

charging case phone
yobwin switch charging case with phone

The YOBWIN case can be charged with a micro usb or usb type c charger in the input on the back. This is the same kind of input cable as the original switch and switch dock. The input power can be a max of 18 watts, which is more than most charging cases we looked at. What makes this a must have accessory is the external USB slot in the back which allows you to charge your Apple or Android phone while playing. No need to carry a Switch and phone battery bank, just use this two in one solution.

battery case card slot
switch charging case card slot

You no longer have to store your game cards in your book bag or lose them. The YOBWIN battery case also comes with a feature we haven’t seen before, a slot for your game cards right below where the controller fits. This will be on both the left and right hand controllers, and allows you to securely store a game card.

battery case 2
switch charging case kickstand

This Switch battery case also comes with a kick stand so you can put the Switch down and play with the joycon controllers outside of the case. This is a must have if you’re stationary, for example, playing on a table is perfect for a kickstand. Just prop the kickstand open, pull our the joycon controllers, and let everyone watch you play!

battery case 3
nintendo switch charger case

Taking a closer look at the YOBWIN Nintendo Switch charging case we see several features that make it the best case on the market. Notice in the above image there are slots for heat dissipation on both the bottom and top of the case. The Tegra chipset in the Switch can get hot, and that is especially more true when you are charging it and playing. The case also doubles as a protection case for the Nintendo Switch in case you ever drop it. There’s even a safety buckle at the top which latches down once you install the switch inside of it to protect the two from ever disconnecting on accident. Now you understand why we think the YOBWIN is the best Nintendo Switch battery case.

You can pick up the YOBWIN battery charger Case From Amazon below.

The GuliKit Power Bank is Sleek

switch power bank 2
nintendo switch power bank

The next Nintendo Switch charging case, if you want to call it that, we looked at was the GuliKit Power Bank. This is a slim alternative to the Yobwin we reviewed earlier. We just love how sleek this thing is. The attachment weights about half a pound (0.55 lb), whereas the Yobwin case was just over a pound (1.13 lb). In terms of capacity, this also has a 10000mah battery so you will still be adding about 8 hours of play time to your gaming.

Although the input charge is only 5v/2a, we don’t necessarily see it as a problem considering it’s more of an external attachment instead of a case. Just charge it up and bring it with you when you’re ready to go. If you didn’t want to take it off, the GuliKit battery/power bank is compatible with the Switch charging adapter, so you don’t need to take it off before charging your console.

switch power bank 1
gulikit nintendo switch power bank with phone charging

Similar to the Yobwin battery case, the GuliKit power bank/case features some external outputs, usb and usb type c so that you can charge your phone or other devices on the go. This feature is a must have so you don’t carry around multiple power banks.

gulikit nintendo switch charger

Above you’ll find a better look at the IO ports available in this power bank. Notice the input power here is also Type C. Then of course there’s a switch to turn the battery on/off, and an indictator for the current charge capacity available.

Overall the GuliKit power bank is an amazing accessory for the Nintendo switch. We wouldn’t necessarily call it a competitor to the Yobwin because they fit different needs. The Yobwin is more of a rugged case for traveling that also includes a battery. Whereas the Gulikit focuses more on looks, and the single feature of charging – which it does very well.

Here’s where to get the GuliKit power bank for your Switch

Upgrade Or Replace Your Nintendo Switch Dock With These

Below you’ll find some worthy alternatives to the traditional dock that comes with the console. The below Nintendo Switch docks are not only great for charging, but also for upgrading your current dock, or replacing a broken one.

Switch Dock With Cooling Fan

nintendo switch dock replacement

One of the biggest issues we hear of from current Switch owners is that the device can overheat on the dock and get really hot to the touch when picked up. Be aware that this dock DOES NOT COME WITH A CHARGER. You’ll need to use your USB C cable or USB C wall adapter that came with your switch to charge from this and power the fan.

image 3
switch dock with fan

As you can see from the above image, this is a very small, sleek dock as compared to the traditional one. When looking at the front, the dock is 2.7 inches from left to right (width). In terms of depth, front to back, it’s 3.4 inches. The height is 2.2 inches. The fan appears to be somewhere between 60-80mm.

image 4
nintendo switch fan dock with usb

Very similar to the original Switch dock we have here the input power (USB C), the output HDMI (cable not included), and a traditional USB slot for powering other devices like a controller charging dock. Please note, although the posting claims 4K HDMI, the switch does not have that capability so it really doesn’t matter it says 4k. The biggest selling point here is a fan and size, and of course the price.

Get this sweet Switch Fan Dock From Amazon Here

Nintendo Switch Controller Charger For Parties of 4

switch controller charger 1
switch controller charging dock

If you’re in the market for a Nintendo Switch controller charger or controller charging dock, then you most likely have more than two controllers. This controller charging dock from TalkWorks is a must have for anyone with up to four controllers. It’s not heavy, only weights about 1/4th of a pound. It features a black stand with input power comming from a USB cable. The three foot USB cable is included with the dock.

The charging time varies based on how many controllers you plugged in. For two controllers, it can charge them in about 3 hours. For three controllers, it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes. If you’ve got four controllers, then you are looking at a charge time of about 6 hours. That may seem like a lot, but the limitation here is the input power is USB.

switch controller charger 2
switch controller dock

Although this controller charging dock is relatively simple, we enjoy that design. A charging dock for controllers doesn’t have to be super complicated or require an LCD screen. If you look at the image above, you’ll notice that the charging status of each controller is at the top of the dock. Green means the controller is fully charged, red means it’s currently charging, pretty straight forward. Overall, this gadget is a great Nintendo Switch charger for controllers!

You can pick up the TalkWorks controller charging dock from Amazon below.

Nintendo Switch Portable Chargers To Juice Up On The Go

The below Nintendo Switch chargers are perfect for being on the go. We’ve looked at items for charging in the car, charging from a PC, and of course charging from a traditional AC wall adapter.

Portable Car Charger

image 2
nintendo switch portable car charger

The portable car charger from YCCTEAM is perfect for charging your switch on the go! It provides a great value than most others due to it coming with the USB C cable and the car adapter. What made us choose this portable adapter over the others is the fact that it has two USB slots, along with a nice blue-hint light. It can output and charge your Nintendo Switch at almost 5 Amps, and even has built in chips for preventing over heating and short circuiting. This gadget is definitely a great Nintendo Switch car charger.

The USB C cable that comes with the adapter is just over 6 and a 1/2 feet in length, giving you plenty of room to charge from the front to the back of a 4 door sedan. Regarding charging time with the cable and adapter, the product charges the switch in about 40 minutes since it can output 5 Amps when we tested it.

You can purchase this switch car charger from Amazon below.

USB C Charging Cable

image 1
nintendo switch us c cable

If you’re looking for just a simple, reliable cable to charge your Switch, look no further. The cable sold by amazon has a regular USB end for plugging into a PC, or wall charger, and a USB C end for plugging into your switch.

Not all cables are made the same, this one is highly rated, good build quality (strong at the ends), and supports fast charging (but only at an output of 2A). It features a length of almost 5 feet.

We only recommend buying this cable if you don’t plan on getting the car portable charger, because for just a little more, the car charger also comes with a similar cable.

You can pick this cable up here.

Wall Charger

71cBtrl9u6L. AC SL1500
nintendo switch wall adapter charger

The final portable charger we are going to look at today is the traditional AC adapter which plugs into the wall. This is a similar looking, and acting item like the AC adapter that originally comes with the switch. Sometimes the ends of these (on either end) tend to break off from wear and tear, this one from YCCTEAM is very durable and is made thick on the ends to prevent that, which is why we chose it.

In terms of charging, it’s pretty standard for an AC adapter, it outputs 2.6A which means it can charge the switch in about 3 hours, which is just like the original adapter. The cable itself is 59 inches which is almost 5 feet in length.

In terms of how you can charge, you have the following options:

  • Plug into a Switch Pro Controller to charge it.
  • Plug directly into the switch and charge.
  • Plug into a switch controller dock to charge controllers.
  • Plug into the dock and charge.

To acquire this external wall charger head over to Amazon with the below link.