Atools is a set of custom programs created to modify and customize Flyff resource files. The files can then be used on private game servers. There are four tools included which allow you to modify everything about the game like the GUI, models of monsters and items, character models, and even the world maps. I had a really hard time finding these old files, so I compiled them with visual studio 2013.

This is Atools 1.0. I take no credit for this work by Aishiro.

The download link:

Flyff Atools 1.0 compiled files

Included EXEs are:

  1. GUI Editor
  2. Model Editor
  3. SFX Editor
  4. World Editor

I’ve also included some flyff resources files in there so you can try it out.

For example with world editor you can open .wld files like the included WdMadrigal.wld file which resides in the folder World\WdMadrigal_0217


For some reason the UI, it’s in french. I suspect french was the original language and English was added on later. The English language translation doesn’t seem to work, I tried fixing it but wasn’t able to fully get it working.

If something doesn’t work when you launch the apps, check the log folder and read the files with notepad. Usually it’s due to missing files.

The source used to compile this can be found here:

Flyff Atools 1.0 source code mirror