Windows 7 – Mount multiple ISOs to Directory with Powershell for Free

So I’m in a situation where I need over 30 ISOs mounted on reboot to folders. Luckily PISMO file mount does this perfectly!

They even provide command line support for their software. That means we can script something small with powershell.

My goal was that all my ISOs get mounted to the same directories (since I’m mounting games) every reboot, PISMO was perfect for this.

Best of all PISMO is free. Here’s the quick script I wrote since PISMO provides command line support for their software!

Each ISO get’s quick mounted to C:\volumes\ISOname

and since the ISO names remain static, so will the folders they are mounted to!


$isos = get-childitem C:\isos | where-object name -like "*.ISO"
    $isospath = $isos.fullname
        foreach ($isopath in $isospath) {
            pfm mount $isopath

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