3.1.b (v) Global Prefix Configuration Feature

3.1.b (v) Global Prefix Configuration Feature

The goal of this function is to simplify network renumbering and lets you automatically configure prefixes on interfaces.

conf t
ipv6 general-prefix myglobalprefix 2000:1:1::/48

int lo1
ipv6 address myglobalprefix 0:0:0:1::1/64

int lo2
ipv6 address myglobalprefix 0:0:0:2::1/64

Now you can change the global prefix for both via 1 command:

no ipv6 general-prefix myglobalprefix 2000:1:1::/48
ipv6 general-prefix myglobalprefix 2000:2:2::/48



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The above command automatically fills in the first 48 bits of the address, then adds all 0s until it is /64. Finally We use EUI-64 to complete the whole IPv6 address.

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