2.1.e (ii) Layer 2, Layer 3

2.1.e (ii) Layer 2, Layer 3

Etherchannels are independent from their port types. Meaning they can be access ports or trunks, it does not matter.
You can negotiate an etherchannel between a L2 (switch) and a L3 device (server/router/whatever). Or you can negotiate one to another switch L2 to L2.
Note the order of operations actually matter when configuring these.

For example to create L3 port channel on a switch you first need to create the port-channel, then configure it as no switch port.

int range g0/1-2
no switchport
channel-group 1 mode active
int po1
ip add
no shut

If you did not do no switchport first, it will not reconfigure as a L3 interface post port-channel

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