How To Install GNS3 2.1.5 on Fedora 27

How to Install GNS3 2.1.5 on Fedora 27

The first step is to download gns3 v 2.1.5 from their github page.

Download GNS3:

sudo dnf update -y

sudo dnf install wget -y

cd /home/user/Downloads


Step 2 is to extract the file we downloaded and the run the build and install.

Extract it to a folder:

tar -xzvf v2.1.5.tar.gz

cd gns3-gui-2.1.5

sudo python3 build

sudo python3 install


We should now see this:

img 5adb6e3282911


And here it is!

img 5adb6f48680ba



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