GNS3 BGP Route Injector

Here’s how you can inject thousands of routes into BGP with testing GNS3.

I recently discovered this blog post where someone created a Ubuntu VM that can do this. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can get this to work in your network.

First of all, credit to the original creator!

Now for GNS3 you only need the VMDK file so I reuploaded that here to save you the trouble of extracting it:

Here’s a link to the OVA he shared incase you ever need it

Here’s how to set it up in GNS3:

Step 1:
Open GNS 3 | Edit | preferences

Screenshot 20180520 082812

Step 2: go to QEMU VMs | New

Screenshot 20180520 082740

Screenshot 20180520 082749

Step 3: Name it Route Injector

Screenshot 20180520 082728

Step 4: Give the VM some ram, I did 2048MB, you might be able to get away with 1024MB

Screenshot 20180520 082837

Step 5: Set the console type to VNC

Screenshot 20180520 082908

Step 6: Select New Image and supply the .VMDK file

Screenshot 20180520 082922

Step 7: Once complete drop the Server into a topology with a BGP speaker, right click the VM and click console

Screenshot 20180520 082941

Step 8: login with bgpuser/bgpuser

Step 9: Run the following to change it’s IP

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Screenshot 20180520 083107

Screenshot 20180520 083112

Step 10: Run the following to bring up the interface

sudo ifup eth0

Step 11: Ping your neighbor router

Step 12: Run the following to enter the folder

cd bgp

Step 13: Setup the session, the -m is how many routes you want

sudo ./ -myas 65535 -myip -peerip -peeras 2 -p ISP5-NorthAmerica-NewYork-Jan-2016 -m 200

Screenshot 20180520 083456

Step 14: Enjoy!Screenshot 20180520 083517

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