2.1.d (iv) Manual Pruning

VTP is great, in concept, however in the real world I just don’t see it deployed to often. The more likely situation is you will be tagging trunks manually, and pruning them manually.

The more “real-word” solution to pruning trunks is to just do manual pruning via
“switchport trunk allowed vlan x”

The command above overwrites the allowed vlan list on the interface, so to add or delete we could do the following
switchport trunk allowed vlan add x
switchport trunk allowed vlan remove x

To verify which vlans are manually pruned from the trunk use
show interface trunk

Please note that if we only had the command
switchport mode trunk
It would mean ALL vlans are allowed on the trunk

Recall that the alternative to manual pruning is VTP pruning, which requires VTP but can utilize VTP join and prune messages to auto negotiate vlan pruning.

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