2.1.c (i) Access Ports

Section 2.1.c (i) Access Ports

Access ports are used to configure end devices where we want to restrict their membership to a certain vlan.
They are called access ports because they are mainly used in the access layer.
If an access port receives a frame with a .1q header, it will drop it.

What are the 4 port types available?:
access port
Trunk (ISL or .1q)
dynamic access
voice vlan

To configure a port as access use:
conf t
int g0/1
switchport mode access
switchport access vlan 2

By default ports are access ports for vlan 1, however explicitly configuring them as stops DTP messages from coming down. (security risk)

There are also switchport macros which auto configure ports based on a basic set of commands that most people use.
For example

conf t
int g0/1
switchport host

This does 3 things:
switchport mode will be set to access
spanning-tree portfast will be enabled
channel group will be disabled
2.1.c (i) Access Ports

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