1.0 Network Principles

1.1 Network Theory

1.1.a Describe basic software architecture differences between IOS and IOS XE

1.1.a (i) Control Plane and Forwarding Plane

1.1.a (ii) Impact to Troubleshooting and Performance

1.1.a (iii) Excluding Specific Platforms Architecture

1.1.b Identify Cisco Express Forwarding Concepts

1.1.b (i) RIB, FIB, LFIB, Adjacency Table

1.1.b (ii) Load Balancing Hash

1.1.b (iii) Polarization Concept and Avoidance

1.1.B Flash Cards

1.1.c Explain General Network Challenges

1.1.c (i) Unicast Flooding

1.1.c (ii) Out of Order Packets

1.1.c (iii) Asymmetric Routing

1.1.c (iv) Impact of Microbursts

1.1.c Flash Cards

1.1.d Explain IP operations

1.1.d (i) ICMP Unreachable, Redirect

1.1.d (ii) IPv4 options, IPv6 extension headers

1.1.d (iii) IPv4 and IPv6 Fragmentation

1.1.d (iv) IPv4 TTL and IPv6 Hop Limit

1.1.d (v) IP MTU

1.1.d Flash Cards

1.1.e Explain TCP operations

1.1.e (i) IPv4 and IPv6 PMTUD

1.1.e (ii) TCP MSS

1.1.e (iii) Latency

1.1.e (iv) TCP Windowing

1.1.e (v) Bandwidth Delay Product

1.1.e (vi) Global Synchronization

1.1.e (vii) TCP Options

1.1.e Flash Cards

1.1.f Explain UDP Operations

1.1.f (i) Starvation

1.1.f (ii) Latency

1.1.f (iii) RTP/RTCP Concepts

1.1.f Explain UDP Operations Flash Cards

2.1.a Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration

2.1.a (i) Managing MAC Address Table

2.1.a (ii) Errdisable Recovery

2.1.a (iii) L2 MTU

2.1.a Implement and Troubleshoot Switch Administration Flash Cards

2.1.b Implement and Troubleshoot Layer 2 Protocols

2.1.b (i) CDP, LLDP

2.1.b (ii) UDLD

2.1.b Implement and Troubleshoot Layer 2 Protocols Flash Cards

2.1.c Implement and Troubleshoot VLAN

2.1.c (i) Access Ports

2.1.c (ii) VLAN Database

2.1.c (iii) Normal, Extended VLAN, Voice VLAN

2.1.c Implement and Troubleshoot VLAN Flash Cards

2.1.d Implement and Troubleshoot Trunking

2.1.d (i) VTPv1, VTPv2, VTPv3, VTP Pruning

2.1.d (ii) dot1Q

2.1.d (iii) Native VLAN

2.1.d (iv) Manual Pruning

2.1.c Implement and Troubleshoot Trunking Flash Cards

2.1.e Implement and Troubleshoot EtherChannel

2.1.e (i) LACP, PAgP, manual

2.1.e (ii) Layer 2, Layer 3

2.1.e (iii) Load-balancing

2.1.e (iv) Etherchannel misconfiguration guard

2.1.f Implement and Troubleshoot Spanning-tree

2.1.f (i) PVST+/RPVST+/MST

2.1.f (iii) Portfast, BPDUguard, BPDUfilter

2.1.f (iv) Loopguard, Rootguard

2.1.g Implement and troubleshoot other LAN switching Technologies